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Hydraulic fracturing fluid

Hydraulic fracturing fluid is pumped down the well under controlled conditions during the hydraulic fracturing process. These fluids consist of about 99 percent water and sand, and about 1 percent chemical additives. They are essential to the process of releasing gas trapped in shale rock and other deep underground formations.

Protecting ground water

We take great care in properly designing and constructing oil and gas wells to prevent potential risks to groundwater. Additionally, unconventional resources are typically located several thousand feet below groundwater aquifers, and are separated by multiple layers of impermeable rock.

Recycling and reuse

While water for drilling and hydraulic fracturing typically comes from surface or groundwater sources, when available water or disposal wells are limited, XTO reuses produced water for completion operations.

Water management

We recognize that effective water management is essential to the responsible development of unconventional resources.