XTO Energy Inc.

Permian Basin

XTO Energy is the most active operator in the Permian Basin. Learn more about XTO's operations and community engagement in West Texas and southeast New Mexico.


Operating areas

We operate throughout the United States and Western Canada, from the Great Plains to Appalachia. We own interest in more than 50,000 producing oil and natural gas wells across the United States, and hold more than 11 million acres. We also provide operational support for unconventional resource development in Argentina.

Key topics

Community engagement

XTO seeks to have a positive impact in the communities in which we operate. We want to understand, discuss and appropriately address any community concerns with our operations.

Responsibility Topic

Pipeline operations

XTO’s underground pipeline network safely and reliably carries natural gas across the country.

Operations Topic

Who we are

Learn about the management and history of XTO Energy, an ExxonMobil subsidiary.

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Contact us

Contact information for XTO Energy, an ExxonMobil subsidiary.

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What are unconventional resources?

Learn about the resources, technology and processes involved in unconventional resource development.
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