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Waste management

XTO Energy is committed to responsible land development and protection, and we seek to minimize the environmental and surface footprint associated with our operations.

Exploration and production activities result in certain waste streams, primarily produced water and drilling muds and cuttings. These waste streams are generally handled on-site and are subject to robust regulation in all oil and natural gas producing states. When managed properly these wastes present little potential impact to human health and the environment.  

Wastewater on the surface must be carefully managed. The infrastructure required to gather, store and move wastewater associated with unconventional resources development is not overly complex, but provides opportunities for human error, accidents and spills. We seek to mitigate these risks with a disciplined approach to water management through our Operations Integrity Management System and through close tracking and reporting on spills.

Water management is highly dependent on local factors and disposal is subject to federal and state requirements, which in many cases are overseen by state and regulatory programs. XTO examines the options in each operating region and weighs them based upon availability and practicability. In most cases, wastewater is injected into deep underground reservoirs through disposal wells, which are regulated by federal Safe Drinking Water Act requirements.