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Question about check

XTO check writes

Minimum Amount

Revenue checks are if your revenue reaches $100 minimum release, or depending on state regulations. Our regular monthly check write dates are now scheduled to occur on the 25th and the last day of the month.

Annual Release

Annually, XTO Energy releases revenue that does not exceed $100, but is greater than $10, on or before May 25th of each year.

Check not received

The amount of the royalty check vary

Many factors contribute to your payment, such as market conditions, fluctuating commodity prices, regulatory or contractual changes and production volumes.

Crude oil and natural gas are commodities, and their value is subject to daily swings in the marketplace. XTO Energy continually negotiates to get the most favorable prices possible.

Owner in Suspense

Funds held in suspense means that they are "held and not distributed for payment" due to legal reasons, incorrect or missing address, outstanding title requirements, etc.

Reasons may include:

  • Division Order not signed
  • Unsatisfied Title Requirements
  • Transfer of Interest
  • Notice of Death
  • Address Unknown
  • Affected by Litigation
  • Uncashed Check
  • Bad Address Suspense

Well Status

Royalty payments are dependent on the production of the well(s). The well(s) you are paid from may be shut down for maintenance or may stop producing. There is no guarantee on the life of a well or the amount or frequency of revenue payments.

Check never cashed

Checks are automatically voided if they are not cashed within 6 months (180 days) after issuance. If a check is accidentally cashed and honored by a banking institution after 180 days, the applicable charges are not covered by XTO energy.

ACH (direct deposit) eliminates this risk, update your payment method in our Online System.

Lost or stolen checks

  • If you have not received your check and have waited 15 business days from the date the check was originally mailed, please contact our office to process a void of the original check and re-issue the funds to you on the next available check write date. Once we void your check, please do not attempt to cash it.
  • If you lose your check, please contact our Revenue group so that we may void and re-issue the check at our next check write date.

Adjustments on the checks

Royalty accounts are subject to adjustment, either upward or downward. Adjustments on your check detail can be identified by a positive and negative entry listed under the "Your Net" column on your revenue check.

The negative entry will indicate what was previously paid to you on a prior royalty check. The positive entry right above it will indicate the amount that should have been paid to you. The difference is the adjustment to you for that specific production month.

There are many factors that may result in a prior period adjustment, such as:

  • Revised production statements from the property operator
  • Revised plant statements from a plant operator
  • Corrected data received after an unexpected operational change (often due to a mechanical failure that interrupts normal operations or a major weather event)
  • Revised pricing information from third parties
  • Revised allocation statements or pricing information due to audit findings
  • Accounting errors
  • Retroactive tax incentives provided by government authorities

A discrepancy may be identified several years after the original accounting for a given production month, and because many parties have input into the accounting process, there may be multiple revisions over any period of time.