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What is a Payout?

When a Working Interest Owner (WIO) elects not to participate in working interest activities proposed by the Operator or is Force Pooled, the Operator will carry non-consent interest and track a payout. Once non-consent WIO's share of revenue exceeds its expenditures, including the contractually allowed penalties, non-consent WIO resumes normal ownership.

While a well is in payout, non-consent or force pooled owners are entitled to receive a payout statement in order to track the status and balance of the well.

Why am I receiving a payout statement?

Quarterly Payout Statements are prepared in the following scenarios:

  1. When interest owners elect not to participate in working interest activities and are non-consent in a well
  2. When interest owners do not reply to an election and are deemed non-consent
  3. When interest owners are force pooled or are additional interest owners

How can I access my payout statements in EnergyLink?

If you already have access to the EnergyLink webpage, all you have to do is go to the Non-Op Receiver tab, and search under Non-Op Statement Search – Statements.  There you can search by owner name or number and you will find all the payout statements available.

Why did I not find the payout statement for a well where I am Non-Consent or Force Pooled?

If you did not receive a payout statement, please contact including the well name and the API number.