Joint interest billing

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Joint interest billing

Netting account

There are different reasons for an account to be placed in netting, but the most common is because the account is in arrears due to delayed or non-payment history.

Netting process

Our system automatically applies netted Working Interest (WI) revenue against the oldest outstanding JIB balance. Any revenues in excess of expenses remaining on the account will be sent to you on a monthly basis. Note: netted monies are accumulated until it reaches a threshold of $100 for check distribution. If you would like checks of less than $100 to be mailed to you, then please send an e-mail to and we will lift the threshold. Regardless, XTO will send you the revenue statement related to the original amount that was netted, even if you don’t receive any check.

Credit balance in my account

We suggest using this credit to cover future JIB invoices. If the credit balance is not enough to cover the next whole invoice, you may just submit payment for the difference between the JIB and the credit balance. If your account is in good standing, then you may also request a refund of the credit.

Invoice not received

We strongly recommend you to register online in our Online System. On it you can retrieve current and past invoices and revenue statements and print them if you want to. All you need to register is your last JIB or revenue statement. You can also contact JIBs Department to retrieve a copy of your last Joint Interest Billing and also confirm the address on file.

In the months you don’t receive an invoice, your account might be under our “Billing Threshold”. JIB expenses less than $100 are held and an invoice is not generated. Once your accumulated expenses reach the Billing Threshold of $100 an invoice is then generated.

Being billed in wells that XTO sold

Almost all allocated overhead charges are booked on a two month lag. This includes company labor, mileage, producing overhead, allocated facility charges, etc. Occasionally, residual charges incurred by XTO could be booked in for the following 2-3 months after change in operatorship.

How can I pay my invoices?

You have two ways of paying your invoices, by check or direct deposit. Find below payment instructions for both methods:


XTO Energy
PO Box 840791
Dallas, TX 75284 – 0791.


Bank Name: Citibank, N.A.
ABA Number: 021000089
Account Number: 30956943
Company: XTO Energy Inc.

Other inquiries

I don’t want to keep my Working Interest in a certain property. What can I do?

You can try to find a third party interested in acquiring your interest. If that is what you decide to do, please find what documents need to be sent to XTO on the Division Orders (DO) section of the Frequently Asked Questions. If you would like to inquire about assigning or selling the interest to XTO, please reach out to our DO Department at as JIB Interest Owner Relations cannot process these requests.

Why I am being billed for a well, but not paid revenues for the same well?

There are a few possible reasons that is happening. It could be that the well is not currently producing (e.g. has not reached completion status or is shut-in). Another reason is the revenues may be in suspense status due to unknown address, title issues, etc. One common confusion experienced by some owners is when the account is placed in netting. In this case, the revenues are being paid, but instead of a check being sent to you this money is first routed to your expense account to clear the outstanding balance. If this revenue is enough to cover everything that is past due, then a payment will be sent to you with the remaining balance.

Why am I receiving invoices if I sold the interest I had with XTO?

The most common reason this happens is because the owner fails to notify and/or provide the supporting documents of the sale to XTO. XTO’s Division Orders Department can only update ownership for a well once the owner sends a recorded Assignment Bill of Sale (ABOS). There are more details on Division Orders section of the Frequently Asked Questions as where to send this document, how long it takes for the transfer to be completed, etc.

Can I trust an email I received from

Yes, you can. XTO Energy is an ExxonMobil Subsidiary, so the employees use email addresses with ExxonMobil domain.