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Account information

Owner number

Where can I find my owner number?

It can be found both on the Revenue Statement and JIB invoice right above your name or the company’s name. It has 8 digits and always start with “30xxxxxx”. If you see 2 zeros at the beginning, you can disregard them. Be aware that all owner numbers changed on January/2019.


How can I find my SSN/TIN?

This is either you Social Security or the EIN number established with the Internal Revenue Service. This number is provided on your 1099 and other related Tax documents provided by XTO Energy annually. If you have chosen not to provide this information your account is subject to Backup Withholding according to regulations established by the IRS.

If you did not provide to us the SSN/TIN please click here to access to the W9 form. Once completed and signed, please send it scanned and attached in PDF form to: XTO-DO-BA-SM@XTOENERGY.COM.

Email address

How can I update my email address?

After logon into our Online System, please go to “Admin” in the top left of the menu, select “My Account” and create/change your email address. Once completed, press “Update”.