Revenue Payment Notification Update


Revenue Payment Notification Update

XTO Energy is currently upgrading to a new system for revenue calculation and check write. The new system will allow XTO to more efficiently calculate revenue and distribute checks to interest owners each month. As with any new system, there may be issues when navigating the transfer of information from one system to another.

XTO will continue to monitor production areas where the system upgrade may cause a delay in revenue booking. XTO does not want its interest owners to be affected by any system upgrade delay, therefore, XTO has a plan to ensure that revenue checks are timely sent out to owners.

Owners due revenue that have interests in production areas experiencing a system delay will receive checks timely using the prior month's volume and value. The actual revenue due will be properly calculated as quickly as possible thereafter, and any deficiency to the interest owner will be corrected with interest due under statute or contract.

Please contact XTO Energy with any questions, and have the assigned Owner Number available.


+1 866 886 2613


Regular Mail:

XTO Revenue
Interest Owner Relations - Loc. 125
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