Frequently Asked Questions regarding the system upgrade


Frequently Asked Questions regarding the system upgrade

In light of recent system changes, we would like to address a few of the most common inquiries we have received.

System upgrade

XTO Energy is currently upgrading to a new system for revenue calculation and payment. This new system will allow XTO to more efficiently calculate revenue and distribute checks to interest owners each month. As with any new system, there may be issues when navigating the transfer of information from one system to another. Please allow sufficient time to receive your royalty payment based on the updated check write dates.

Our regular monthly check write dates are now scheduled to occur on the 25th and the last day of the month.

New Owner Number

You may have recently received correspondence informing you of your new Owner Number as a result of the system upgrade.

Your new Owner Number will take the place of your previous Owner Number. Please refer to this number when calling the Owner Relations line.

The correspondence also shows the new look of XTO checks and check details. If you would like to receive payments without detail pages attached, please email us at with your new owner number and ask for the "No Statement" option. Payments will be mailed or direct deposited, and detail pages will be available on the Interest Owner Relations tab.

How to read your new check detail

Please visit the following link for additional information regarding your new check detail.

Direct deposit

Please note, if you currently have direct deposit, there will be no changes made to your account.

If you would like to update or sign up for direct deposit, please download a copy of the

Please note that we are not able to accept direct deposit information via email or fax. The document MUST be mailed to:

XTO Revenue
Interest Owner Relations - Loc. 125
2107 Research Forest Dr.
The Woodlands, TX 77380

Website updates

We are currently updating the website to include your check details for checks issued under your new Owner Number. We are also working to update the automated phone system to accurately reflect your most recent check information.


Please note, the quickest way to obtain a copy of your 1099 is online. 1099s for 2018 can be accessed via the Interest Owner Relations tab under Online System. If you have forgotten your username/password, please contact +1 877 341 2697.

Ownership changes

The system upgrade required all owner numbers to change, including inactive accounts. If you are receiving correspondence from XTO after you have transferred the interests or after your wells have been sold, please keep the information for your reference only.

Increased call volumes

Please be advised that we are experiencing an exponentially higher call volume due to the system conversion and tax season. We appreciate your patience as we work to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

If your question has not been addressed on this page, please feel free to leave a voicemail with your new owner number, name, last four digits of your Social and your contact information. We will respond in the order that inquiries are received and as soon as possible.

For a faster response time, please submit your inquiry via email at or online.