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How to read XTO check detail

Starting in January 2019, XTO Energy royalty checks will have a different look. 

A new business partner number has been issued, replacing the previously assigned owner number. The new number will be shown on the check as 'YOUR BP NO.'. The new 8-digit business partner number will be required for all inquiries.

Please visit the following link to view a sample check detail with explanation of the new format.

Please contact XTO Energy with any questions, and have the assigned business partner number available.




Regular mail: 

XTO Energy

110 W. 7th Street

Fort Worth, TX 76102-7018


New "no statement" option available to owners

Want to receive payments without all of the detail pages attached. E-mail our owner inquiry group at the e-mail address above and ask for the "No Statement" option. Payments will be mailed or direct deposited, and detail will be available on XTO's website.