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Maggy Burns employee profile

Artificial lift technician in XTO's Fort Worth Division

Maggy is an artificial lift technician in XTO’s Fort Worth Division in Fort Worth, Texas, and has worked for XTO Energy for nine years. 

Maggy Burns didn’t plan to work in the oil and gas industry, having earned a bachelor’s degree in animal science from Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. But after graduation, she didn’t want to go to vet school, and worked in the medical supply industry and retail for several years.

Maggy knew she wanted a job that allowed her to be outside and work with her hands. Nine years ago she saw XTO was hiring, and began her career in the oil and natural gas industry.  

Maggy Burns is currently an artificial lift technician in XTO’s Fort Worth Division.

Artificial lift refers to both a process and technology that enables the company to get more production out of a well. When a well is young, it has enough velocity and strength to lift its own fluid and produce. But as a well ages, it needs help to continue to produce, so we assist by using an artificial lift process, which can include a plunger (a six to 18-inch piece of metal dropped into the well) or high-pressure gas (injected into the well).

Maggy works closely with foremen and pumpers, and when a well isn’t producing, she analyzes it and recommends the type of artificial lift support needed. Once the equipment is in place, Maggy helps manage the artificial lift by inputting the settings into the computer that runs the well and drop/change out plungers and equipment to optimize production. She also troubleshoots problems with wells that already have artificial lift.

Maggy understands how important her job is to XTO.

“I’m part of the team that produces the product XTO sells, which generates money for the company,” she says. “We don’t sit back and hope our wells produce. We make sure they do.”