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Daniel Garoutte employee profile

Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator for XTO's Mid-Continent Division in Oklahoma City.


Before coming to XTO Energy, Dan Garoutte spent more than 20 years in the Air Force and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. Dan flew the F-15C and T-6A, moved 10 times and had multiple deployments. His final assignment was at Vance Air Force Base in Enid, Okla., where he was Chief of Safety. During that time, he was selected for a six-month tour in Afghanistan, working for NATO as a flight safety officer.

After a successful military career, Dan contemplated a career as a commercial airline pilot, until his father-in-law, a long-time XTO employee, mentioned to him that his skillset and experience from the military would make Dan a good fit at XTO as an environmental, health and safety coordinator.

“The skills I learned over my 20-year career in the Air Force are very relevant to my job at XTO,” Dan said. “In the military, you learn how to work independently within a group. You have to have good judgment, decision making skills and understand risks and compliance.”

As an environmental, health and safety coordinator, Dan is responsible for ensuring XTO’s compliance with federal, state and local environmental regulations. He responds to spills or releases, ensures cleanup activities begin as soon as possible and works with the appropriate agencies in the response.

Dan also ensures XTO’s employees are working safely so no one gets hurt. From ergonomics to industrial hygiene to training and compliance, Dan ensures the workforce has the knowledge and the tools they need to work safely.

“Both industries have inherent risks, but you have to manage those risks,” Dan said. “Whether it’s flying a combat mission or working in the oilfield, I help people incorporate safety into their daily routine and ensure people understand the risks and how to appropriately mitigate them.”