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Staale Gjervik

Staale Gjervik became president of XTO Energy, an ExxonMobil subsidiary, in March 2019. He is based in Houston.

Staale, a native of Norway, earned his degree in naval architecture and marine technology from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland.

He served with the Norwegian Navy prior to joining Esso Norway in 1998, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil.  Staale has held various technical, planning, operations and leadership positions in Norway, Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the United States. These roles included operations area manager for the Gulf of Mexico, general manager for ExxonMobil projects in Nigeria and operations manager for ExxonMobil’s North Sea operation.

In 2013, Staale was appointed senior upstream advisor to the ExxonMobil Management Committee, based in Irving, Texas. In 2015, he relocated to Luanda, Angola, to serve as the ExxonMobil lead country manager and as managing director for Esso Angola.

Staale joined XTO in January 2018 as senior vice president, Permian Integrated Development, where he focused on optimizing value chain integration across ExxonMobil’s upstream, downstream and chemical business with regard to the long-term development of the corporation's Permian Basin assets.

Staale and his wife, Hilde, have two children, one currently enrolled at Texas A&M University and one still residing at home.