XTO Operating Areas

We operate throughout the United States and Western Canada, from the Great Plains to Appalachia. You’ll find us in places such as Montana and Pennsylvania, Utah and Louisiana, and Texas and Ohio. We own interests in approximately 40,000 producing oil and natural gas wells across the country.

XTO Areas of Operation Alberta, Canada Arkansas Colorado Kansas Louisiana Montana New Mexico New York North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Pennsylvania Texas Utah West Virginia Wyoming .

Regional XTO News

XTO Energy Provides Crime Fighters in Farmington with an Off-Road Advantage

Although it’s not quite a classic tale of cops and robbers, the story behind a charitable donation by XTO Energy has a plotline and setting reminiscent of a detective novel.

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Deflecting Lightning Strikes

RJ Goodman, environmental health and safety (EHS) coordinator for XTO Energy in Oklahoma City, noticed a troubling trend. Lightning seemed to be drawn to several XTO well sites.

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Farmington Fire Department Response System

Although located in a desert, XTO Energy’s Farmington, N.M., operations are surrounded by water, including the Navajo Reservoir, several lakes, and the Animas, San Juan and La Plata rivers.

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Call First, Dig Later

XTO is part of the Common Ground Alliance (CGA) coalition, participating in public outreach efforts to promote the national “811 Call Before You Dig” initiative.

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Natural Gas Firefighting Academy

Thanks to a $30,000 donation from XTO Energy, local firefighters and industry employees in West Virginia are learning how to handle natural gas fires.

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XTO Honored for Conservation Efforts

XTO Energy was honored by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for its efforts to enhance and restore public lands in the San Juan Basin in northwest New Mexico.

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